A Black & White Galaxy

copenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark

Somewhere in Copenhagen you’ll find this mural with planets floating around -or maybe eyes? It really depends on what your own imagination tells you this looks like. But whatever that is, we can still agree you will find this place a beautiful work of art.


The Graffitied Zebra

Oslo puerto.JPGPipervika, Sentrum, Oslo, Norway

Is it white with black stripes, or black and white with colorful stripes? It even looks like a classy zebra, with a monocle! This special animal is somewhere by the piers, you just have to look around.

Party Animals

fullsizerender-2fullsizerender Cowgate under George IV Bridge, Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland

This fun artwork lies under a bridge near the Grassmarket. So after looking at the main plaza were the hangings were done, if you walk under the bridge you’ll find something quite extraordinary -as long as whatever place is inside has its doors closed.

Life Under the Sea

Camana Bay, Cayman Islands .JPGCamana Bay, George Town, Cayman Islands

For those of us who can’t dive or simply refuse to, this mural makes you feel like you’re underwater coexisting with the fish and anemone -less the pressure issue.

Puppet Rappers

john-st-glasgow George St. junction with John St, Glasgow, Scotland

Adding up to Glasgow’s street musicians are these rappers. They may not dress like Glasgow’s other street musicians, but once you hear them you will not believe your ears.

The Literate Street


“Then it was here and now. Now it is there and why”.

literatu-vilniusLiteratų g, Vilnius, Lithuania

This street’s walls are filled with things like teacups and false teeth (number 115!), some great street art, and quotes lying around waiting for you to find them.

A Curious Giant

IMG_6076.JPG Seen from Argyle St. junction with Mitchell St, Glasgow, Scotland

This woman is visible from Argyle St. if you look towards Mitchell St. The best thing to do is wait for people to walk by and position themselves just under this woman’s curious fingers. Just try not to laugh too loud, or other pedestrians might think you’re a little crazy -although there’s nothing wrong with that!